• Using Spring with AWS Lambda

    I love AWS Lambda. Removing the concept of a “server” from your application is huge. I won’t go into all the benefits of Lambda, but I can say from first hand experience, it not only eliminates countless hours of worrying about servers and infrastructure, but also makes backend application development a breeze. Oh, and for most small stuff, it’s pretty much free.

  • Creating Unix Services and RPM/DEB Packages with Spring Boot and Gradle

    I work with Spring Boot daily, and it’s probably one of my favorite frameworks ever. The amount of things it does that just make every-day JVM-dev life easier is absurd. Spring Boot has probably saved me hundreds of hours in headaches.

  • Configuring Multiple JDBC DataSources with Spring Boot

    I spent probably an hour or so yesterday learning how to enable multiple DataSources in a Spring Boot application, and have them be configurable via the application.properties (or .yaml) file. The Spring Boot docs have a simple example and about a paragraph on how to do this, but I found it a bit lacking in details. After bit of experimentation and exercising my Google-fu, I was able to piece together what I needed to get this working.

  • A New Look

    I refaced my website today, using a new Jekyll 3.0 enabled theme, heavily based on the awesome Centrarium theme by Ben Centra. After a few CSS tweaks, a new logo, and general customization, I’m really happy with the end result. I’m sure I’ll have some more tweaks here and there, but for now, it’s good to go. Thanks again Ben, this is really great! As always, this site is fully open-source, and available on GitHub, so feel free to browse, clone, fork, star, or whatever!

  • Hello World!

    Hello world! This is my first (but hopefully not last) blog post! My goal is to write about anything I find interesting, helpful, and just plain cool. Oh, and space, definitely space. To stick with the programming theme, here’s how to write a Hello World program in Scala.