• COVID-19

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. While I’ve been self-isolating for the past ten days or so, I put together this simple, auto-updated website, with a few data visualizations: https://covid19.ccampo.me

  • Java in a Container: Resource Allocation Guidelines

    Containers have changed the face of the software industry in just a few short years. Perhaps you’ve gotten to the point where you’re now running Java in a container. That’s great! Unfortunately, there are still some things to be aware of when it comes to CPU and memory utilization for containerized Java applications, which I’ll outline below.

  • Answers To A Management Questionnaire (With Commentary)

    I was given this questionnaire a few years ago as I began my journey into software engineering management, and answered it for my own sake. I don’t think I ever shared my answers with anybody. Recently, I dug it up and found it cathartic, albeit somewhat naive as well. Below are my original answers, with minimal editing (aside from spelling, etc.), intended for both self-reflection and posterity. Any additions I’ve added are indicated by brackets — used mainly for clarification, but there are some comments peppered in there as well. I might take another stab at this as a follow up, perhaps with lessons learned, but we’ll see. It’s probably too soon for that now.

  • ccampo.ninja

    I bought this domain a few months ago for $4.06. Check it out!

  • NBodyJS: An N-Body Simulation Written in Kotlin

    NBodyJS is a simple project I’ve had around for the past few years in various forms. It is a JavaScript n-body simulation. It is currently written in Kotlin. Initially I wrote it in plain JavaScript, then re-wrote in Scala, and finally, re-wrote in Kotlin. Both the Scala and Kotlin versions transpile to readable JavaScript, using ScalaJS for Scala and Kotlin’s built-in JavaScript support. The Kotlin implementation is by far my favorite, and the language itself is a joy to write in. NBodyJS utilizes the HTML5 canvas element for display, and kotlin-js to transpile Kotlin to JavaScript.