• Piano

    I started learning to play the piano on Christmas of 2022 and thus I am coming up on my one-year anniversary of starting to play. It’s been a very rewarding experience and I plan on continuing for the foreseeable future! Occasionally I upload videos of my playing to a YouTube playlist. Check it out if you are interested :).

  • Using Remote Debug with Delve with a Dockerized Alpine Linux Go Application

    I recently created a simple example on how to enable remote debugging using Delvefor a Go application running in an Alpine Linux Docker container. This may be common knowledge in the Go community, and your IDE and Delve’s own documentation will show you how to enable remote debugging for Go programs. However, I figured it would be nice to see it packaged in a concise example, specifically using an Alpine Linux base. I use a setup like this at work every day on the various applications I work on. Hopefully somebody finds this helpful :).

  • COVID-19

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. While I’ve been self-isolating for the past ten days or so, I put together this simple, auto-updated website, with a few data visualizations: https://covid19.ccampo.me

  • Java in a Container: Resource Allocation Guidelines

    Containers have changed the face of the software industry in just a few short years. Perhaps you’ve gotten to the point where you’re now running Java in a container. That’s great! Unfortunately, there are still some things to be aware of when it comes to CPU and memory utilization for containerized Java applications, which I’ll outline below.

  • Answers To A Management Questionnaire (With Commentary)

    I was given this questionnaire a few years ago as I began my journey into software engineering management, and answered it for my own sake. I don’t think I ever shared my answers with anybody. Recently, I dug it up and found it cathartic, albeit somewhat naive as well. Below are my original answers, with minimal editing (aside from spelling, etc.), intended for both self-reflection and posterity. Any additions I’ve added are indicated by brackets — used mainly for clarification, but there are some comments peppered in there as well. I might take another stab at this as a follow up, perhaps with lessons learned, but we’ll see. It’s probably too soon for that now.